Reblog: “I fell into this by accident”

I planned my career, but not all went exactly as I envisioned. Opportunities emerged, unexpected findings were too interesting not to pursue, new studies arose from old ones, new collaborators came up with exciting suggestions, and pints with colleagues often turned into interesting, half-crazy ideas that somehow worked. As a result, I have worked across several fields (at the peril of not being able to self-cite very often), and gained a great deal of unexpected experience. It has worked out pretty well, if I do say so myself. Sheffield University’s Think Ahead research support group recently published a short blog post on Krumboltz, Levin and Mitchell’s ‘Planned Happenstance’ theory, which resonated with me. This focuses on making the best of everyday opportunities to succeed and contains some valuable suggestions on how to do this. The Think Ahead post is a neat overview of the theory and worth a read.

Career planning is often presented as applying a logical, step by step approach following a linear pattern to develop your career but the reality is that life in general and our career thinking more specifically often don’t work that way. We have a huge number of options open to us and deciding what is the […]

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