Brainstem? Brainstem!

Revisiting brain regions, courtesy  of Pinky and the Brain.


(Incidentally, I named my first neuroscience review paper “Dyspnoea and the Brain” partly in honour of this comic, fully expecting the title to be dismissed by colleagues and journal alike. It wasn’t. Nobody has spotted¬†the connection yet, sadly.)

Taking a walk on the wild side

One of the things I want to do with this blog is to present a few basic animal physiology topics, in random order. The official reason is that I believe it is important as a scientist to look outside one’s niche every once in a while. The unofficial reason is that taking a step out of the cozy world of chronic lung disease every so often is quite nice. So instead of letting all my undergraduate work and excitement go to waste, I’ll selfishly take the opportunity to occasionally wax poetically about general physiology here on my blog.

(Lou Reed, ladies and gentlemen. Probably infinitely cooler than your average physiologist.)